Our Parent's Association- Parents and Guardians in Collaboration with our School



A Parent Association (PA) or Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is the official organization of the parent body in a school. Every New York City public school is required by the State Education Law and the DOE’s Regulations to have one, and all parents of children -- including step-parents, legally appointed guardians, foster parents and persons in parental relation. This allows the adults in the lives of children to take an active role in the partnership of parent, child, and school. 

Currently, our school's PA President is Ziomara Capote.

Through PA/PTAs parents can become active, effective participants in their children’s schools, and in the educational system generally. For example, PA/PTAs can empower parents to:

  • organize, and take action on issues
  • provide input on school policies
  • advocate for their children
  • partner with school administration and staff
  • collaborate with community members and elected officials
  • participating in decision-making on the School Leadership Team
  • sponsoring numerous enrichment programs and activities
  • raising funds to supplement the schools’ budgets

Source: PTA Links


If as a PS 102M  Parent or Guardian, you would like to serve on the PA Committee or volunteer for future events please contact  Ms. Delgado , our Family Coordinator  at