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Ms. Greebel

Bilingual Speech Therapist

Ms. Greebel

Hello, my name is Ms. Greebel and I am the Bilingual Speech-Language Pathologist at PS 102. This is my seventh year at the school and with each year comes a deeper connection. The faculty and staff are talented, warm individuals and the wonderful students hold a place in my heart.


I always knew I wanted to work with children in a helping profession. Working with students who have speech and language impairments is my passion because language and communication are essential to living a fulfilling life. Any child who is struggling in these areas should be provided with the support and tools necessary to succeed.


Many of the children I work with come from households where there is little or no English spoken. When they arrive at school, their dominant language is usually Spanish. It is important that those with speech and language disorders receive support in their dominant language. Additionally, as a Bilingual SLP, it is essential to understand language and/or dialectal differences, which factor heavily into appropriate speech-language therapy and assessment.   


I received my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Emory University (2003) and my Masters of Science in Speech Language Pathology with a Bilingual Extension from Columbia University, Teachers College (2005).


Ms. Maggie Greebel, M.S., CCC-SLP